Winter Countdown

August 2016

A small on going project I've been working on that counts down the days left of winter. It was my first project using javascript which turned out to be easier than expected.

Porky Pong 2.0

September 2015

A game I am working on

Red Riding Hood

July 2012

Red Riding Hood Pitch

Auckland Ferry App

August 2015

Auckland Ferry Timetable


August 2015

Our entry for KiwiJam15.

Magnetic Poetry

April 2006

This is some fun I had using actionscript in flash to create a digital magnetic poetry. An early version of it was used on a website designed to make reading fun for children.

Mac Vs Pc

June 2009

I decided it would be fun to learn how to use linux. I find the best way to learn is by doing so I set myself a project. This was to create an animation using nothing but open source software. It seems like a pretty tall order but at the time it didn't phase me. With a bit of fighting with my computer I managed to get ubuntu running. Much more difficult back then (2006). Then proceded to teach myself blender and gimp. A short while later I had a finished movie. This is a still from the movie that I used as a desktop background for a while. I dubbed duel screen.

watch update

June 2015

I modeled this watch in an attempt to learn more about using nurbs. I then decided to try out some mental ray shaders to render it. 

Altitude Map

March 2013

A map I made for the 2d side shooter 'Altitude'. It seemed easy enough to build a map so I thought I would give it a go. Altitude provide some pretty ok tools, most of the work came from creating the initial artwork. Another unfisnished project but it was still fun to play. We ran it as part of the map cycle on a dedicated server for a while. Occasionally it would get requested in game. You can download the map here. There is also a free demo of the game available.

TF2 Hats

October 2011

I made these two hats for a competition the valve was holding for the war themed hat simulator aka - Team Fortress 2. Having not worked on game model before, the challange for me was to create geo that had a low poly count. I didn't get around to submitting them and soon lost interest in TF2 altogether. I may eventually clean them up and try them on a custom server but for now they exist only as this screenshot.