Meadow Fresh

The interesting part of this project was dealing with the thousands of dynamic objects within the stack of sports equipment. I created quite an elegant solution using realflow and nparticles.  

Gia Dinh Bank

I had the opportunity to design and model the phoenix and other birds for this TVC. It was also quite a challenge to rig all the feathers and other dynamic bits and pieces.  

Coco Pops

Spent all night in a supermarket under fluorescent lights while shooting this spot, bleeding eyes by morning. It was worth it in the end to focus on some pretty nifty particle animation.  

Minute Maid - Nutriboost

Happy Family Games

Thien Long - Fun Facts

Comfort - Boost Up

One of many Comfort Commercials that I have worked on. The particularly tricky part was creating snow angels from falling flowers.

Ford - Pixels

For this job I devised a cunning pipline to create animatable characters out of voxels. The most challenging part was making none of the "pixels" overlap or intersect. I learnt a great deal about MEL in the process. I also had a hand in the modeling, animation and rendering. 


A project I worked on at Cirkus. This was one of the most exciting jobs I have ever worked on as I was able to work on shots from start to finish. Including previs, modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, rendering and even some stop motion animating.